SOPA Dead!

SOPA/PIPA gets a timeout, 12 atoms per bit, and various ways that you and criminals can move information (WiGig & auto theft) while Miles and Lyle take your calls and comments.

Apple iBooks Author Owns You!

If you charge a fee for any book or other work you generate using this software (a “Work”), you may only sell or distribute such Work through Apple (e.g., through the iBookstore) and such distribution will be subject to a separate agreement with Apple.

The Future of Hi-Tech Auto Theft

“Over the past twenty years, car theft has declined as new models incorporated electronic security methods that thwarted simple hot-wiring. The tide may now be turning, as cars become the next Windows PC.”

IBM Smashes Moore's Law, Cuts Bit Size to 12 Atoms

IBM announced Thursday that after five years of work, its researchers have been able to reduce from about one million to 12 the number of atoms required to create a bit of data.”

Android Design

The folks behind the Android platform have launched a new website for developers, focusing on user interface guidelines and design tips.

India's Polio Victory Fuels Endgame Vaccine

“When the clocks strike midnight in New Delhi on January 12, India will mark the first year in history it has recorded no new cases of polio.”

Totally drug-resistant TB emerges in India

“The discovery makes India the third country in which a completely drug-resistant form of the disease has emerged, following cases documented in Italy in 2007 and Iran in 2009.”

WiGig Promises Low-Power 2Gbps Wireless

“The WiGig MAC specification was published in June 2011, and the standard is currently in draft stage with the IEEE as 802.11ad. WiGig operates on unlicensed 60GHz spectrum; it won’t propagate through walls and has a range of about 10 meters. As such, isn’t necessarily meant as a replacement for 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi. However, operating at 60GHz offers advantages in terms of power consumption and data rates, particularly for mobile devices.”

Unique Life Form is Half Plant, Half Animal

“This newly discovered single-celled organism is a unique mixture of animal and plant.”

Lyle Recommends "Search Engine" Podcast

The podcast that predicts the present. Host Jesse Brown and guests explore the Internet’s impact on politics and culture.

SOPA is essentially dead, and we killed it | VentureBeat

“I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the problem of online piracy,” Smith said today. “It is clear that we need to revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American inventions and products.”

Firewall (computing)

! Term of the Week
A firewall is a device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.

! Calls

OFF AIR – Ed Aptos. on the blackout day, Wikipedia actually posted an open hint as how to circumvent the black page: turn off Java script. The hint was somewhere in the details, when you clicked on the SOPA explanation link

Line 1 – Molly – Monterey – are you going to join the Swedish church of (worship) of copying? right. The file sharing church.

Line 2 – Mark – Monterey county – do I need a new mouse?
Short cut keys pull down the Edit menu. from Explorer displays the short-cuts for Copy Cut Paste
wireless! mouse(s)
I like my bluetooth mouse