Translating Fearful Viruses

The Geeks chat about the trouble with translations, virus protection, faster internet and much more. Plus a call or two from you.

Der Mundo

The Worldwide Lexicon is web API that enables you to add collaborative translation to almost any website or web application.

Galaxy Zoo 2

The Galaxy Zoo files contain almost a quarter of a million galaxies which have been imaged with a camera attached to a robotic telescope (the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, no less). In order to understand how these galaxies — and our own — formed, we need your help to classify them according to their shapes — a task at which your brain is better than even the fastest computer.

Cisco CRS-3 Router Speeds Streaming, Worries Film Execs

It’s not clearly stated in the article, but this router is rated at 40 TB/s (322 Tb/s)… that FORTY TERABYTES PER SECOND! Droooool…

Cisco’s CRS-3 router made a bit of a splash when it was announced on March 9, but the power of this new device hasn’t yet sunk in. Consider: The CRS-3, a network routing system, is able to stream every film ever made, from Hollywood to Bombay, in under four minutes. That’s right — the whole universe of films digested in less time than it takes to boil an egg. That may sound like good news for consumers, but it could be the business equivalent of an earthquake for the likes of Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures.

Beware of the “iTunes Fraud”

This is not NEW news… but it’s still happening and good to be aware of…

No, no, Apple is not stealing your money through its online music store. Rather, it turns out that thieves are beginning to use online services (i.e., iTunes), to test the legitimacy of stolen credit cards. According to The Mail on Sunday, this is referred to as the “51p iTunes fraud”.

Comcast to roll out new 100Mbps residential service this year

comcast_logo (300 × 157)For those of you out there that can’t get enough bandwidth when using the Internet, if you are a Comcast residential subscriber then more bandwidth is on its way over the next few months. Comcast, the nation’s largest Internet Service Provider has announced that it will increase its top residential broadband service speed to 100Mbps. The rollout, which is expected to happen over the next 12 to 18 months, will double the company’s current top tier broadband offering.

Court Largely Eliminates Fourth Amendment Protection in E-Mail

“Last Thursday, the Eleventh Circuit handed down a Fourth Amendment case, Rehberg v. Paulk, that takes a very narrow view of how the Fourth Amendment applies to e-mail. The Eleventh Circuit held that constitutional protection in stored copies of e-mail held by third parties disappears as soon as any copy of the communication is delivered.    Under this new decision, if the government wants get your e-mails, the Fourth Amendment lets the government go to your ISP, wait the seconds it normally takes for the e-mail to be delivered, and then run off copies of your messages.”

Scientists Supersize Quantum Mechanics

“A team of scientists has succeeded in putting an object large enough to be visible to the naked eye into a mixed quantum state of moving and not moving.”

! Anti Virus Software

Alex suggested [Avira|] for anti virus software.

Alex also suggested reading his [blog entry on internet connectivity and safe computing|] .

! Wipe your System Information

This is a nuclear option when it comes with cleaning your system. You erase all software and install windows clean. It take a long time and you loose all information on the machine, so you need to have your content someplace else.

eHow, has an article on [How to Wipe Your Computer and Reinstall|], you will need a lot. You might want to pay someone to do this. Know a geek who likes something you do? Do you cook – and they like to eat? Make a trade.

! Contributed Content

This is from the [Etherpad|] page.

[Comcast 100mb network service |]

[Galaxy Zoo 2: help astronomers explore the universe |]

Watch out for [iTunes Fraudulent charges |]

! Translation

! Email Issues
11th Circuit Court Decision – largely [eliminates 4th Amendment protection in E-Mail|] . Case: [Rehberg vs Paulk/Hodges/Burke|] . "The Eleventh Circuit held that constitutional protection in stored copies of e-mail held by third parties disappears as soon as any copy of the communication is delivered.”

!! Like this subject – read more about it…

[New password-stealing Facebook virus|] could affect millions of users:
[Koobface|] …so many folks have been hit…gee, what a mess.

McAffee Koobface (FaceBook sort of backwards and inside out) [virus information|]

I’ve always thought of the “big boys” as being more vulnerable. I’ve faught virii hand-to-hand and witnessed Norton and McAfee be targetted for kill where less-well-known AV apps are not. Suggestions for other Anti-Virus solutions/software?
You guys are naming good alternatives.

[Avira anti-virus software|]

[AntiVirus Software Reviews 2010|]

Wipe system, install Linux, then VMWare, then Windows VM, grab periodic images of the base of the system as alternate restore points, use shared volume from Linux system for personal files, etc. Too bad that’s not for amateurs.

I use Spybot Search & Destroy on Windows in addition to McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall:
Like an onion! Getting folks to understand and appreciate that used to be so hard.

[Opera Mail|]: . e-mail client built into the browser.

Cisco CRS-3: [322 terabits per second router|]
Yeah, but Bombay to Hollywood would still take hours what with all the Bollywood films they make on a nearly daily basis.