Resurrecting Goats and Steel Velcro

Ben’s new year’s resolution is to disregard his new year’s resolutions. Error: boolean logic fault.

Extinct Ibex is Resurrected by Cloning

“An extinct animal has been brought back to life for the first time after being cloned from frozen tissue.”

Velcro On Steroids

Hook-and-loop tape is the generic name. But everyone knows the plastic fastener that can be reused and repositioned endlessly as Velcro. Now, German engineers have developed industrial-grade analogs for automotive and other applications. Made from steel, the newly patented fasteners can operate at temperatures as high as 800° Celsius and at tensile loads of up to 35 metric tons per square meter.

Winter Hazard in New LED Signals

“Authorities say Richter, 34, might still be alive if not for an unintended consequence of green technology — the LED traffic signal facing the other driver was obscured by snow. Oswego police Detective Rob Sherwood called the snow-covered energy-efficient signal “a contributing factor” in the crash."

Star Trek Wetsuit (7MM)

Developed exclusively for the RDT by JMJ Wetsuits, these one-piece full suits feature iconic uniform colors & rank insignias from Star Trek: The Original Series. These wetsuits are not novel gimmicks, they are the real deal, made using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Each individual wetsuit is custom made and tailored to your exact measurements for a perfect fit and unmatched performance. This is the ultimate in warmth and exposure protection when exploring strange new worlds!

The 7MM wetsuit is available in three colors: Command Yellow, Science Blue, and Engineering Red. Each suit features a durable Star Trek chest insignia, Rank Braids, and RDT shoulder logo. To ensure a perfect fit, please click the “HOW TO MEASURE” link below and follow the detailed measurement instructions.

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