Getting Stoned on Exoplanets with Windows 7

Kid wins suit vs. Amazon, Microsoft Store, an exoplanet rains rocks, a (non) Star Trek Communicator and more GeekSpeak news – plus lots of fun calls!

Microsoft Launch Party

Go ahead and watch this, and shudder with me. Anyone else want to attend a launch party with me and have as many forced conversation as possible?

Kid Who Sued Amazon Wins, Kindle Now Safer Place for Your Books

“Amazon will not remotely delete or modify such Works from Devices purchased and being used in the United States unless (a) the user consents to such deletion or modification; (b) the user requests a refund for the Work or otherwise fails to pay for the Work (e.g., if a credit or debit card issuer declines to remit payment); © a judicial or regulatory order requires such deletion or modification; or (d) deletion or modification is reasonably necessary to protect the consumer or the operation of a Device or network through which the Device communicates (e.g., to remove harmful code embedded within a copy of a Work downloaded to a Device).”

Microsoft is supposedly stealing Apple retail staff

Microsoft is reportedly trying to hire away Apple’s retail employees by bribing them with… wait for it, better wages. “People that have spoken to The Loop on condition of anonymity confirm that Microsoft has contacted a number of Apple’s retail store managers to work in their stores. In addition to ‘significant raises,’ the managers have also been offered moving expenses in some cases.” It doesn’t end there: once the ex-Apple managers have jumped ship, they are asked to contact their top sales employees at their old workplaces and offer them similar positions at Microsoft’s retail stores, also with higher pay.

A Planet that Rocks

You are preparing to leave for work, and shout down the hall to your significant other. “Honey, what’s the weather supposed to be like?”

And the reply: “50% chance of rock.”

Star Trek Communicator-Like Device

The crew of the classic science-fiction show’s Starship Enterprise wore small devices on their chests that they could tap to communicate instantly with their colleagues. Such communications technology is now closer to reality thanks to a Finnish company which this week demonstrated high-tech clothing that can send and receive messages via satellite. 

The demonstrator antenna, built by the Patria Aviation Oy company, looks like a simple patch of cloth but is capable of operating in the Iridium and GPS frequency band as part of clothing.  The Iridium satellites allow two-way voice and data communication, while GPS provides positional data to the user. Iridium could also relay the position of the user. 

PCs Must Have 64-bit CPUs for Windows 7 Certification

“The software giant states that any machine carrying the sticker will have to ‘work with all versions of Windows 7’. That includes the 64-bit versions of the operating system […]”

Report: Microsoft hiring away Apple Store employees

Say this about the folks at Microsoft: they sure know when other people’s strategies beat the pinstriped pants off their own. Not content with opening up its own competing mom-and-pop stores right next to Apple’s, the software giant has taken it a step further: according to reports, it’s actively trying to lure away Apple’s own retail staff to run its little shops of horror.

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