Swarming SQL Inject Robots with Cruzio

Chris Neklason and Peggy Dolgenos, founders of both local internet service provider Cruzio and of this here radio show GeekSpeak, join the geeks to chat about the growth of Cruzio and to chat a bit about ISP services.

US man 'stole 130m card numbers'

SQL injection attacks have little to do with firewalls and are purely the result of very sloppy programming, especially for banks. The real kicker is that the penalty for wire fraud and stealing 130 million credit card numbers is more lenient than file-sharing 30 songs. Also, there were no sanctions against the financial institutions.

Flickr v. Free Speech. Where Is Their Courage?

Tech Crunch asserts, “DMCA abuse is a growing problem on the Internet, and luckily the EFF often comes in to defend people who are unfairly being accused of copyright infringement. And I don’t think there is a lawyer in America who would argue that Alkhateeb isn’t perfectly within his rights to create and distribute this image under fair use and parody defenses.”

Americans Pay Five Times More For Wireless

“A new [OECD|Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] survey highlights the massive disparity in wireless service costs across countries. Americans pay significantly more than their counterparts in Sweden and the Netherlands for mobile broadband.”