NextSpace and Helicopters

Jeremy Neuner Founder of Santa Cruz coworking environment NextSpace joins the Geeks to talk about innovation and flying helicopters.

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

This is pretty cool. A free service, it lets multiple people work on the same document at the same time. I haven’t seen anything quite like this. Especially not for free.

Wife of Harried Pirate Bay Witness Gets Buried in Internet Love

“In the end, the judge asked if he wanted compensation for being there — he replied that he did not want anything, but they could send flowers to his wife. Many listening online heard, and began sending her flowers, from all over the world. As of this submission, the sum is over 40,000 SEK worth of flowers. There’s even a Facebook group for it.”

Rollable Displays

Today’s conventional mobile LCD and OLED displays are based on glass and so are rigid, with no flexibility. Polymer Vision, the company behind Readius®, will change this with the introduction of its rollable displays enabled by plastic electronics and E-ink front plane. Rollable displays are a unique solution to resolve the dilemma created by consumer demand for larger displays in small sized mobile devices.

The Death of Business-Method Patents

IEEE Spectrum reports on the Bilski patent decision and its impact on the contentious issue of software patents.

Apple Safari 4 browser for Mac and PC: CoverFlow the Web - Crave

Apple has announced the beta release of Safari 4 — the latest edition of the Apple Web browser, for both PC and Mac.

Researcher posts homemade patch for critical PDF bug

A security researcher has published a home-brewed patch for a critical Adobe Reader vulnerability that hackers are exploiting in the wild using malicious PDF files, beating Adobe Systems Inc. to the punch by more than two weeks.

The Kindle Swindle?

The president of the Authors Guild wants to put an end to text-to-speech engines, specifically those on the Amazon Kindle 2. Even assuming better and better voice engines, could this be truly considered a public performance akin to a public reading by a human author?

On a related note, should you, the reader, be prohibited from reading a book aloud or having someone read it to you, even though no copying has taken place? Is reading a book aloud actually a copy? If the Kindle 2 cannot legally read it to you — following this logic — does that mean parents cannot read to each other or to their children either?

Update: Amazon is [voluntarily allowing authors to decide|] whether or not they want to allow text-to-speech. Amazon maintains that they were in good shape legally either way, but appears to be acting out of goodwill.

Collaborative Working Environment

Working practices are evolving from traditional proximity or geographical collocation paradigm to virtual collocation paradigm where experts (professionals) have to work together whatever is the geographical location of everyone involved. In this context, eProfessionals are using a Collaborative Working Environment providing the capabilities to share information1 and exchange views in order to reach a common understanding. Such a level of common understanding is enabling an effective and efficient collaboration among different expertises.

$100 Linux wall-wart launches

In typical use, the SheevaPlug draws about as much power as a night-light. Yet, with 512MB each of RAM and Flash, and a 1.2GHz CPU, the wallwart-sized device approaches the computing power found in the servers of only a decade ago.


E-professional or “eprofessional” or even “eProfessional” is a term used in Europe to describe a professional whose work relies on concepts of telework or telecommuting: working at a distance using information and communication technologies, as well as online Collaboration (i.e. Virtual_team1, Mass_collaboration2, Massively_distributed_collaboration3), online community_of_practice such as the Open_source community, and Open_innovation principles.

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[jeremy.jpg| Jeremy Neuner is the Co-Founder and CEO of [NextSpace Coworking + Innovation, Inc. | ] , a coworking space and entrepreneurial catalyst located in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. Jeremy has over 15 years of experience—as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy, as a management consultant, as an economic development professional, and as a successful entrepreneur—in creating, motivating, and leading team to accomplish amazing, challenging, and sometimes wacky things. Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in business and government policy from Harvard. But he’s learned the most from playing LEGO’s with his kids. Jeremy tries to live by this rule: take your job seriously, but not yourself. Also, Jeremy is very funny, but often he’s the only person who thinks so. ]

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