Valentines Day, Woz Dance and Epoch Time

Al helps with last minute Valentines Day suggestions, Lyle jabs about Geeking out on Math; epoch time, Friday the 13th, and February is divisible by 7. And much more including Woz on Dancing with the Stars, oh, and GeekNews and listener’s questions.

Finally, a Jetpack!

Jetlev Sports Inc. is proud to introduce the JETLEV-FLYER, the recreational jetpack almost anyone can enjoy over water. It is designed for safety, stability, ease-of-use, and precise and effortless flight controls. Learn to take off, fly, turn, hover and land in as little as six minutes.

Palm pulls the plug on Palm OS

Palm has pulled the plug on its Palm OS operating system.

Instead, the company will bet its future on its newly unveiled but still mysterious Palm webOS, built to power the new Pre smartphone, according to company CEO Ed Colligan, who spoke Wednesday at an investor conference in San Francisco.

Two satellites collide 500 miles over Siberia

Two big communications satellites collided in the first-ever crash of two intact spacecraft in orbit, shooting out a pair of massive debris clouds and posing a slight risk to the international space station.

Obama's BlackBerry Brings Personal Safety Risks

As with real estate and business: location location location.

Ontario Court Rules IPs Like Home Address

Do YOU expect everyone to know your address and phone number too?

Why Steve Wozniak Could Win

The real reason Woz could win is his fans. Every engineer, software developer, technorati and digerati will be rooting for and, more importantly, voting for the beloved engineer. In fact, since the announcement earlier this week, they’ve been blogging about how to make it happen, starting with “How can we geeks unite to sway the vote?” posted by Al Lucklow on
[ maybe I should change my name? – Al]

Pirate Bay trial starts on Monday

Operators of The Pirate Bay stand trial on Monday in Stockholm. The four defendants from the popular file-sharing web site are charged with being accessories to breaking copyright law and may face fines or up to two years in prison if found guilty.

Is Having an Online Wife Adultery? - Switched

Confusing? It should be. Turns out that Ric and Sue’s marriage is on the rocks. She contends that he spends more time online in Second Life, a virtual universe currently home to 30 million players, with his online wife. Sue spends her days in front of the television, while Ric is in the other room running a virtual night club and consorting with his online wife, sometimes for as long as 14 hours at a time on weekends.

Oldest Human Hair Found in Hyena Poop Fossil?

One’s poop is another’s anthropological treasure.

Samsung Phone Goes Green

Solar cell on the back, plastic from recycled water bottles and more.

Technorati: Discussion about “Opportunity Knocks”

Twitter is growing at a phenomenal rate. Active users have increased 900% in a year and even though our web traffic is amazing, we see twice that traffic to the APIs.

iPhone and iPod touch shares continue to grow

Worldwide requests from Apple devices grew 28% month over month to 1.2 billion in January. Building on its strong December, iPod Touch growth outpaced iPhone growth in top markets. The iPod Touch now represents 40% of Apple requests, up from 20% in September.

1234567890 Epoch Time

You missed it but you can relive the moment on this site.

Church Sign Generator

Make your own virtual church signs for Valentines Day?

Ever seen those signs in front of churches with the moveable letters? Ever wanted to rearrange the letters to make your own church sign? Well, now you can. Choose a design below, add your text, and a personalized church sign photo will be generated for you! Save it, send it to a friend, put on your website, or use it however you like. Enjoy!

JayCut – Quick Guide

SOrt of an online FIlm editor. Upload your video clips and edit them online.

Apple and EFF spar over iPhone jailbreaking

Every three years the Copyright Office asks for proposed exemptions to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s rules against breaking access protections, and this time around the lovable scamps at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have asked that jailbreaking phones — like, yes, the iPhone — be classified as one of those exceptions.

Smule raises $3.9 million in funding

There’s money in them thar App Store! Smule, the company behind the popular Ocarina and Zephyr apps for the iPhone, has informed us that they raised a whopping $3.9 million from a round of venture funding led by a firm named Granite Ventures.

Live Together, 'Die' Together

Danish photographer Simon Hoegsberg shot a very cool online project entitled “We’re All Going To Die.” After spending twenty hours on a bridge in Berlin, photographing passersby, he created a 100-meter-long scroll-through panorama.

False Fact On Wikipedia Proves Itself

Wikipedia states a false fact, a reputable media outlet copies the false fact, and this outlet is then used as the source to prove the false fact to Wikipedia."

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