Terry Brooks, Genesis of Shannara Series

In our on-going GeekSpeak Science Fiction Author Series, we dive deep into fantasy with author Terry Brooks. Terry won instant acclaim with his New York Times bestseller The Sword of Shannara.

In his latest book, The Gypsy Morph, the world is in flux as the mortal realm yields to a magical one; as the champions of the Word and the Void clash for the last time to decide what will be and what must cease; and as, from the remnants of a doomed age, something altogether extraordinary rises.

Firefox 3.1 Gains Privacy

The popularity of Google Chrome’s incognito feature that stops the cache and browsing history from recording anything at all has other browsers sitting up straight.

Firefox, includes a privacy feature through the Stealther plug-in, which basically copies all the features of Internet Explorer 8’s InPrivate feature, except that you don’t have to open a new browsing window. Now, Mozilla has announced through the Firefox 3.1 status tracker that a privacy toggle will be a baked-in feature.

DMCA Abused to Stifle Scientology Criticism

Many users and even more videos were removed from Youtube after it received DMCA takedown notices; however, the notices were submitted by entities without any claim to copyright. The videos and user accounts have now been reinstated.

Hello Apple Genius? Meet the Windows "Guru"

Microsoft is hiring 155 Windows experts to staff Best Buy and Circuit City stores in select cities across the US, to run damage control against Vista bad public reputation and help sell Vista to the skeptics.

Telco to Fiber-Deploying Town: We Sue Because We Care

Customer service indeed. Do you feel serviced?

IPhone home button records your application screen

Each time you push the Home button on your new iPhone (and your iTouch too), that slick screen animation requires that the iPhone (and iTouch too) take a screenshot of the application you were last running. This is a potential goldmine for forensic experts and a bit of privacy concern for the rest of us. The operating system deletes the screenshot right away, but this data is typically still retrievable.

MIT: kMemory capacity larger than previously thought

Visual long-term memory may be much better than previously thought. Demonstrations of memory failures have convinced many scientists that human memory does not store the details of our experiences. However, a new study from MIT cognitive neuroscientists may overturn this widespread belief – They have shown that given the right setting, the human brain can record an amazing amount of information.

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