The Skeptics' Guide with Geeks

Steven Novella, host of [The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe|], joins the Geeks to talk about the importance of skeptical thought, the scientific method, and as an example the absurdity of Homeopathy. The Geeks also cover some GeekNews.

Crazy Rasberry Ants

Flea sized ants have invaded 5 counties in the Houston, TX area with an appetite for electronics which baffles scientists.

Followup: ASIMO Conducts an Orchestra

ASIMO conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra successfully.

Followup: Privacy Concerns in Google Street View

Google is now retroactively blurring faces in their Street View feature on Google Maps.

A Geeky Music Video

A unique music video by filmmaker Dennis Liu, based on the OS X interface.

NASA Announces Youngest Supernova Remnant

NASA, “Aside from the Loonies, That Went Quite Well”:

Asus Linux on Mother Board

Asus Express Gate/ Splastop Linux.

! Steven Novella

Dr. Novella is an academic neurologist on full-time faculty at Yale University School of Medicine. He is the Author of [Weird Science|], a monthly column featured in the New Haven Advocate. He is the co-founder and President of the New England Skeptical Society, Associate Editor of the [Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine|], and a contributing editor of [Quackwatch|], a consumer advocacy website dealing with all types of health fraud. [More about Steven|]

!! Links Steven Mentioned

! Science or Fiction

  1. Researchers have developed a new lithium crystal that is a significant improvement as a hydrogen storage medium. Ben and Lyle mistakenly picked this one as fiction but it was [science |] .
  2. A new analysis of SPAM chain-letter e-mail shows that, contrary to prior belief, most such e-mails do not spread in a “viral” pattern but rather in a 1-to-1 linear pattern. Ryder mistakenly picked this one, but it was [science|] .
  3. New research identifies personal hygiene products as a significant contributor to global warming. Miles picked this as [fiction|] and it was. Good job Miles!