Intensely Small

The worlds most intense laser, GeekSpeak nepotism, RIAA crack training, self healing rubber, and more Week in Geek news. Plus listener’s calls with questions and comments of technology all on this week’s episode of GeekSpeak.

RIAA training video

An [RIAA training video|] hit the net recently which tries to relate copyright piracy to selling crack.

Anonymous Scientology

An [Anonymous movement|] is still attacking Scientology.

Self-Healing Rubber

A [new rubber-material|] is in development that will self-heal itself after being cut. Applications of this new technology are numerous.

An Intense Laser

The world’s [most powerful laser|] is now online at the University of Michigan. The laser focuses 300 terawatts of power into a 1.3-micron-wide beam for 30 femtoseconds. Metaphorized, that’s 300 times the capacity of the US power grid focused into a beam 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, for 30 million-billionths of a second. That’s intense!

3 Million Records

A recent [auction on ebay|] sold 3 Million Records, 300,000 CDs and more. Read more about the story on [the Inquirer|].

Thanks to [Timothy Jordan |] for covering me last week. Take a look at his show on KZSC,

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! Fun fun fun

All the talk of small measurements on this episode of GeekSpeak motivated listener Del to send in this:
“An ohno-second: An instant of time even smaller than a microsecond in which you realize the disastrous consequences of your actions. Usually applies to the moment when you realize the command you’ve just given is deleting important data.”

! Santa Cruz Live Promotes Troxell
A relatively new site featuring the goings on of Santa Cruz called “[Santa Cruz Live|]” is featuring my wife Daria Troxell. Wallace Baine the host of Santa Cruz Live has started a new series called “The Creatives” and this first in the series [focuses around Daria Troxell’s process as an artist|] and will also be published in tomorrow’s Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Daria Troxell is in Dead Man Walking which plays tonight and closes tomorrow. She is fantastic as Sister Prejean, a woman coming to terms with the horrible acts of a death row inmate and the flaws in our criminal justice system.

The play is produced by [Pisces Moon Productions|] and you can read more about the play there.