Arrows, Sunroofs, and Microsoft

The Geeks discuss a security expert standing on a tall building looking down at heavy traffic and seeing a vulnerability through a single car’s sunroof as a metaphor for the difficulty of spotting online computer vulnerabilities, and then talks about shooting virus arrows through the sunroof and how car companies should start making reinforced car roofs to combat them. Ah, just listen to the show. :) The geeks actually talk about more than this.

Cell Phones as Traffic Sensors

Nokia and UC Berkeley collaborated on an experimental traffic monitoring system, using cell phones with embedded GPS devices. If scaled, this technology would make it possible to avoid accidents and traffic jams as they form.

Security: Feelings vs Reality

Cisco Systems [commissioned a study regarding public perception of Internet security|]. The results? Almost everyone thinks that the Internet is safer today than in the past. Unfortunately, the daily levels of spam and exploit code floating around would tend to disagree. Security experts [Bruce Scheier|] and [antivirus inventor Peter Tippett|] discuss the feeling of security and getting your money’s worth.

And Still Spam Champion

Europe once again is [the top source of spam|] in the world.

Microsoft gets rejected

On February 1, Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for 44.6 billion dollars. This calculates to 31 dollars a share.

This morning, Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s offer, claiming they will not consider an offer below 40 per share. This calculates to 57.5 billion dollars.

Addicted Boys

According to researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine, [young men are two to three times more likely to show signs of video game addiction|] than young women.

A New Google Search?

Google reinvents its search engine interface. [Go here|] if you want to learn more about it, and [go here|] to check out the new search types for yourself.

Thanks again to [Ebu Gogo|] for offering us a new theme song.