Consumer Electronics Show 2008

The Geeks welcome Peter Sheerin, a technologist who traveled to CES in Las Vegas to attend one of the World’s largest consumer technology shows. Join the geeks as we discuss the next-generation displays and gadgets shown at this year’s show.


Peter Sheerin is a longtime technologist who has spent most of his career working with computer-aided design. He got his first taste of the industry as a CAD expert for a civil engineering firm and co-authored Using AutoCAD Release 14 for Que Publishing, which led to a decade as the tech editor for CADENCE magazine and most recently as a tech marketing manager for NVIDIA.

Peter’s interests extend to just about all areas of technology—he is an avid amateur radio operator (callsign K6WEB) and is particularly passionate about finding and creating ways to increase usability and make all aspects of technology interoperate better.