The Light Pick

Santa Cruz inventor Michael Herring joins the Geeks for a discussion about [Light Picks|], a guitar pick with a built in metronome.

Learn about the process of invention, the starting of a business, and the sales and makreting behind it.

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!! What computer should I buy for voice recognition and video editing?

Check out [CompRec|] for recommendations.

!! Is the Light Pick like the Light Snake?

No, but it’s a [cool product for musicians|] doing digital recording.

!! Computer Backups on a Mac?

The Geeks recommend an external [USB|Universal Serial Bus|] storage device or [[NAS|Network Attached Storage]|] device.

!! DVD-R or DVD+R?

[DVD+R|] is better for data and archival, but [DVD-R|] is much more compatible with the DVD player you would hook up to a TV.

!! Get a laptop now with Vista on the horizon?

Go ahead and get one now, but make sure you are buying a laptop with a discrete graphics chipset, not an integrated graphics chipset.

!! More on FireWire vs [USB|Universal Serial Bus] 2.0

!!! Ed from King City wrote:

I just tested a dual USB2 / Firewire drive on a MacBook. Using transfering a 6GB file using firewire averaged 29.5GB per second. Using the USB2 interface averaged 18.07GB/second. I’ve tried this before on my dual core G5 and got the same results. You just said there was no difference. What gives?

!!! Lyle responds:

Ahh, interesting, I hadn’t seen testing numbers and was basing my answers on specs.
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed mode is 480 megabits per second, while the signalling rate of FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394a) is 393.216 Mbit/s” – [source|]

So, by spec, USB2 seems potentially faster. But I would not be surprised to see FireWire performing faster depending on the implementation. I know, for example, that Apple has spend a lot of resources on FireWire.

*! Here are two more plusses for USB 2.0:

But a speed difference that you have seen is a significant difference. Perhaps it is the implementation of the drive that you have. I will have to give it a try with my Seagate USB2/FireWire.

On Aug 12, 2006, at 10:57 AM, Ed from King City wrote