Maxtor Hard Drives

Hard drives are getting smaller and smaller while drive capacities continue to grow. Is this trend sustainable? Paul Streit, senior product manager for Maxtor Corporation will be on hand to discuss Maxtor drive technologies and answer your questions.

The market trend for hard drives is specifically about the how hard drives are marketed and sold and the characteristics that are driving them in the market; such as drive capacities, physical drive sizes, connection technologies, applications including PCs, PVRs, SANs, etc., and just how hard drive manufacturers can compete in an industry that is shrinking down to just a few large competitors.

Hard Drive Stories and News

As senior manager of solutions marketing at Maxtor, Paul Streit is responsible for product development and marketing for Maxtor’s external hard drives. This includes FireWire and USB external hard drives (Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 Family with OneTouch button backup and Maxtor Personal Storage 3000 Family).
Prior to his current role at Maxtor, Mr. Streit served as the senior manager of OEM solutions and business development at Maxtor/Quantum. He defined and implemented the group’s third party partners program, establishing relations with companies such as Thomson, Sony, Sharp, Pioneer, Philips and Toshiba. Prior to Quantum, Paul worked with Maxoptix Corporation as director of product marketing. His responsibilities included all phases of the product marketing cycle. He also defined and implemented the Strategic Software Alliance program for the company.
Mr. Streit has more than 20 years of marketing experience in the high tech and consumer electronics industry. He has held marketing positions at Pioneer Electronic, Hewlett-Packard and AGFA Corporation where he assisted with multiple facets of product marketing programs and initiatives.
Mr. Streit earned a master’s degree in business administration (marketing and information systems) from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at the UCLA and a bachelor’s degree with honors in electrical engineering and computer science at Rutgers University.