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As mentioned on the show, cataloging your books, DVDs, and videos can be made simple as long as the items you are cataloging have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), a UPC (Universal Product Code), orbar code. By using a simple bar code reader and your computer in conjunction with Readerware software , you can easily access all of the information about your item including title, author, publisher, a description, and even a picture that is integrated directly with the item’s information in the database. Once your items are cataloged, it is easy to then track these items if they are loaned out of boxed away for safe keeping. Also, your database can be easily accessed and searched using a Palm OS version of the software that is also available, making life much easier for rare book, music, and video hunters. Readerware makes it simple to search for your books, DVDs and videos even if you decide not to use a bar code reader. Items can be searched for by Author, Title, ISBN, or Category and will gather your information without a hitch although this method of cataloging is by far the most time consuming. If the cataloging of books is on your agenda, we recommend using a bar code reader to speed and simplifying the obtaining of database information. So, where does one obtain a bar code reader? The good news is Readerware is offering a CueCat bar code reader for free with the purchase of Readerware software (various bundles are available with pricing between $60 to $95) while supplies last. CueCat is an inexpensive bar code reader that Radio Shack gave away for free as part of their marketing campaign to make catalog ordering easier. Other nicer more expensive bar coders are also available as well. Ann Santa Cruz Forwarded messages containing attachments in the body of messages appear as gobbledygook whereas they appear fine and very readable when forwarded to other people. The email client used is Netscape v4.709 and the operating system used is both Macintosh and Windows. The low version of the Netscape email browser is most likely the issue. Upgrading Netscape to version 7.0 will most likely solve the problem Using the same Netscape browser above, web pages containing Javascript applets used for things like roll-overs are unreadable when using a Macintosh. In Windows, the result is slightly different although still unreadable. As above, upgrade the version of Netscape. Robert Santa Cruz On a Macintosh, can software be run directly from the desktop or a folder without having to install it? The installer places the files in the places that are necessary for that application to run. In a Macintosh environment, an application can typically be run directly from disk without having to fully install the application, so applications can be moved around without breaking them. In a Windows environment, applications need to be installed before they can be run and moving the application to another location such as a folder or drive letter would cripple it until the application was reinstalled into the new location.

Is it ok to install a newer version of software over the older version or should the older software be uninstalled first? Before installing a newer version of software applications, it is often better to uninstall the existing application prior to installing the new version unless you are specifically installing an update that requires the older application be installed first.

Mike Atascadero Encountered the W32 OfficeServe E and G Worm (virus). This particular virus is a Word Macro virus that is very hard to get rid of. Norton AntiVirus from Symantec found the virus with the first scan but did not successfully remove it and files in the computer continue to get reinfected even though Norton successfully quarantines the files (Norton will quarantine infected files by placing them in a safe and secure location when it cannot remove the virus). Call Symantec tech support. Make sure the file is not located someplace where it cannot be removed from such as a CD-ROM or other non-volatile piece of media. Read the Symantec logs when it does find the virus. You might learn that it is trying to do something that it cannot do. Also try and disable all Office and Outlook applications including those in the “launch bar” (lower left icons). Josh Los Osos What Palm devices and accessories do you recommend for Christmas? There are so many good choices – it really depends what exactly you want to do and what is most important to you. If price and simplicity are the most important for you – you can’t go wrong with the Palm Zire for only $99. On the other hand, if you want to geek out with Bluetooth, the Palm Tungsten-T is the first PalmOS device with built in Bluetooth for wireless connections with a Bluetooth phone or PC. Not to mention a great hires screen, and the new PalmOS 5. If you want the coolest video features on the other hand, the Sony NX70 also has an incredible hires screen, and a built in movie camera for taking clips. If you want a wireless phone combined with a Palm OS PDA – Handspring, Kyocera, and Samsung all make great options. It really is hard to go wrong. As for accessories, Chris loves his new Bluetooth phone and headset. Also a folding keyboard makes a great gift.