John Bower from Santa Cruz Electronics

John Bower 20 year owner of
Santa Cruz
joins the geeks for a disscussion of
computer hobbyists vs mainstream consumers. Tune in to hear all about
the trends of computer upgrades and purchaces.

John Bower had a great attitude towards his buisness and to serving geeks in Santa Cruz. The company is focused on supporting IS() departments and works on supporting consultants by billing end companies directly. This show was a lot of fun, a full house of giddy geeks. In general it was fun to talk about a change from soldering hobbyists to a world of small computers and high-end video cards. Darren Seaside Does Santa Cruz Electronics have kits for FM transmitters? Santa Cruz Electronics has kits, possibly FM transmitter kits. Also Darren will need to get a kit with a stereo encoder in order to have a stereo signal. Santa Cruz In the SC area is there a store/organization that takes computer equipment (older) for refurbish or donation? None that we know of, but there is a move to make a county wide program for computer reuse. There used to be a group called Give-a-byte, but it does not exist because they didn’t have a place to operate. Tom Santa Cruz Soldering and radio hobbiest are alive and well in Santa Cruz.