20 Years of Ubiquitous Rust

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Dedi finds a wifi solution they like, Greg is on the road for the first time since the pandemic, Miles is playing with Rust, and Lyle is happy to have the Geeks virtually together to celebrate 20 years of hosting the show.

Amplifi vs Unifi

This was really helpful in selecting my new wifi router Unifi Dream Machine (https://unifi-network.ui.com/dreammachine). It wraps up a lot of Ubiquiti’s products into one package and straddles a more prosumer area.

Waze Reports: Cloudy with a Chance of Pananoia

Social mapping company Waze bought by Google, Clouds forming in inopportune places, and a healthy dose of black helicopter sightings. This and more with Bonnie, Ben, and Miles as they take your calls and cover the Week in Geek news. Special thanks to Greg Merkley for today’s show title. (Podcast update delayed)

e3 and Star Wars

Geek Dedi Hubbard went to e3 and took a lot of e3 photos. Last night the Geeks went to Star Wars III. So – this show is all about e3 and Star Wars.

Home Networking - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

Alex Sleeis, our Southern California Correspondent, teaches us how amazing the $50 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is and what you can do with it to keep your home network safe and happy in the age of IoT (Internet of Things).