Updating Broken Laptops with Bad Languages

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Miles walks us through buying a used 2015 MacBook Pro and upgrading it with a better hard drive. And we talk programing languages: Kotlin, Swift, Groovy, Java, Python and more.
It’s a programing rich episode of GeekSpeak.

Netflix Takes Broadband to the Broken Screen

The episode in which Miles fixes his Laptop screen – with a mistake.

NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Adapter Card

An example of an adapter to allow MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs between 2013 and 2015 to upgrade using industry standard storage modules that are both faster and cheaper than the ones that came from Apple.

Multiplatform Project: iOS and Android - Kotlin Programming Language

In this tutorial we will create an iOS and Android application, by making use of Kotlin’s code sharing features. For Android we’ll be using Kotlin/JVM, while for iOS it will be Kotlin/Native.

Why has the Groovy programming language lost its momentum? - Quora

Some will say Scala, but I don’t buy it. Scala is a better language, but Scala requires a different mindset (retraining) and has a much smaller employable pool of developers.

ttfkam/pg_gnufind: GNU find output as PostgreSQL foreign tables (multicorn)

GNU find output as PostgreSQL foreign tables (multicorn)