Self-driving Robot Fooled by Facebook

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California proposes new rules for self-driving cars to pick up passengers

California’s public utility regulator on Friday signaled it would allow self-driving car companies to transport passengers without a backup driver in the vehicle, a step forward for autonomous car developers just as the industry faces heightened scrutiny over safety concerns.

There’s growing evidence Tesla’s Autopilot handles lane dividers poorly

Now KGO-TV, the local ABC television station in the San Francisco area, has uncovered details of another crash involving a Tesla vehicle slamming into a highway divider with Autopilot engaged. This incident occurred in Hayward, across the San Francisco Bay from Silicon Valley.

Self-Driving Car Ticketed In San Francisco; Company Disputes Violation

A self-driving car was slapped with a ticket after police said it got too close to a pedestrian on a San Francisco street.

Is tricking a robot the same thing as hacking it?

A team of computer scientists and a lawyer at University of Washington are raising a curious question: Do current US laws cover cutting-edge research that allows people to bend AI to their will?

Elon Musk Delete Facebook - "It is time. #deletefacebook"

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space-X seemed to flippantly delete his companies’ FaceBook pages.

Cambridge Analytica may have had Facebook data from 87 million people

Facebook now says that the data firm, which collected data about users without their permission, may have collected data on as many as 87 million people. Original reports from the New York Times pegged that number at closer to 50 million people.

Ad Scammers Need Suckers, and Facebook Helps Find Them - Bloomberg

“They go out and find the morons for me.”

Facebook retracted Zuckerberg’s messages from recipients’ inboxes

You can’t remove Facebook messages from the inboxes of people you sent them to, but Facebook did that for Mark Zuckerberg and other executives.

Facebook Building 8 explored data sharing agreement with hospitals

Facebook was in talks with top hospitals and other medical groups as recently as last month about a proposal to share data about the social networks of their most vulnerable patients. The idea was to build profiles of people that included their medical conditions, information that health systems have, as well as social and economic factors gleaned from Facebook. Facebook said the project is on hiatus so it can focus on "other important work, including doing a better job of protecting people’s data.

Mark Zuckerberg responds to criticism about Facebook’s role in Myanmar

Critics say the social networking giant did not do enough to stop violence against the Rohingya.