Crypto Currencies and the Block Chain

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Fellow software engineer Kyle Bahr joins me for a good metaphoric description of Block Chain Tech. Why does Bitcoin burn so much power and are all crypto currencies like that? Also a look at what other neat things are being done using bitcoin technology. And how smart contracts work. Learn a bit about initial coin offerings (ICO) and get a good general understanding of crypto currencies without any math nor too many complex terms.

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Many questions arise on when or what to store in the blockchain. This article will answer that question on an economic and a technical level and provide some inside into alternatives and best practices. While the principles discussed here might apply to many blockchains, it will focus only on the ethereum blockchain, which is used by EWF.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Smart Contracts in Ethereum

I’ve been working with smart contracts for 4 years, mainly in the Bitcoin blockchain. Some projects I participated in are Proof of Existence, bitcore, and Streamium. In the past months, I’ve been exploring and working with the Ethereum platform.