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An extra long post show from early this month cut into a technical episode. We chat about Sonos online, iPad1 still running Netflix, Security Cameras, AT&T neighborhood discrimination, Miles Working and work spouses, software testing including at Netflix, Miles’s open source software projects: format base, m-text, and filesystem virtual tables for PostgreSQL. We also chat about home storage with NAS or not, and some GeekSpeak navel gazing around Date vs Episode numbering.

Sonos says users must accept new privacy policy or devices may "cease to function"

The sound system maker will not allow existing customers to opt-out of the new privacy policy.

AT&T’s slow 1.5Mbps Internet in poor neighborhoods sparks complaint to FCC

AT&T refusal to boost Internet speed violates discrimination ban, complaint says.

Broadband Redlining Complaint Filed Against AT&T at FCC | Multichannel

Attorney Daryl Parks has filed a formal FCC complaint against AT&T on behalf of three African American low-income residents of Cleveland alleging digital redlining.

ttfkam/pg_formatbase: Format numbers by base

Format numbers and parse string values by base

ttfkam/pg_gnufind: GNU find output as PostgreSQL foreign tables (multicorn)

This is the filesystem reader for postgres, allows your filesystem to look like a virtual table in PostgreSQL.

GNU find output as PostgreSQL foreign tables (multicorn)