Microwaves and Micro RNA Patch Pacemakers

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Doctor Dawn Motyka joins Lyle and Miles in a discussion about genetics, living longer, and of course the tech angle on biohacking.

Microwave Ovens work like....

Microwave oven - Wikipedia

Sometimes, microwave heating is explained as a resonance of water molecules, but this is incorrect; such resonances occur only at above 1 terahertz (THz). Rather it is the lag in response of the polar water molecule to the impinging electromagnetic wave. This type of dielectric loss mechanism is referred to as dipole interaction.

Brain Cells found to control aging

Scientists have established that hypothalamic stem cells govern how rapidly body aging occurs in mice. Aging markers throughout the body can be delayed and reversed with spinal infusion of compounds derived from the hypothalamus. While this is in mice, the cellular mechanisms for this effect are found throughout the animal kingdom so it is reasonable to extrapolate the humans. Further more, large scale production of these compounds can be accomplished with current technology.

465k patients told to visit doctor to patch critical pacemaker vulnerability

A year after calling advisory “false and misleading,” maker warns patients to patch.

Photos of Cameras and Lenses That Got Destroyed by the Solar Eclipse

Before the Great American Solar Eclipse happened, we shared a warning about how attempting a photo without the right solar equipment can melt your camera’s guts. Unfortunately, quite a few photographers ended up learning this lesson the hard way at the expense of the cameras they used.

Short sequence microRNA in blood provides a "fingerprint" for active PTSD

A prospective study following Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan before and after deployment turned up specific changes in circulating microRNA which reliably identified and predicted PTSD after traumatic events. While immediately useful for diagnosis, these findings may also lead to insights into the future therapy of this condition.

How NASA kept the ISS flying while Harvey hit Mission Control

In the days before Harvey hit Texas, flight controllers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center outside of Houston had a decision to make: should they evacuate or ride out the storm at the agency’s Mission Control Center?

Reprogramming human physiology with bacteria based messenger proteins

Alternations in the microbiome have been assoicated with a host of diseases ranging from autoimmune disorders to depression. Scientists developed a method to genetically engineer gut bacteria to produce molecules that have the potential to treat certain disorders by altering human metabolism. Molecules that target G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are produced by human cells as signalling proteins. Bacteria can be manipulated to produce these compounds and there is great potential for controlling diabetes and obesity as well as many other conditions.

Neanderthals were distilling tar 200 thousand years ago in Europe

These early humans were using tar to make tools long before Homo sapiens did.