Sharing Developer Privilege at the Apple WWDC

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John Fox and Casey Liss chat about what we as white male developers can do to make the programing community more inclusive and diverse—something Michelle Obama asked of all of us on stage at #WWDC2017.

This episode was release, and then re-edited to remove an interview. The first version was about 1hour the second episode is about half of that.

Guest John C. Fox

John Fox is a senior software developer at Netflix, the drummer for “James Dempsey and The Breakpoints,” a father, and currently a podcaster of iDeveloper.

Video of Michelle Obama... "Yes, we are ready."

Michelle Obama spoke at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference about many things including diversity, and she challenged male developers to examine and share their privilege.

We hope everyone takes her message to heart.

Guest Casey Liss

Casey Liss is a developer, father, and podcaster of the Accidental Tech Podcast and Analogue. Joins us at 39min in.

Picture of the Apple Podcasting Room

Photo by Casey