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OneLogin breach, why few people major in computer science, collapsing star to black hole, LIGO finds another pair of black holes becoming one, Travel Mode for 1Password, Parker Solar Probe an introduction, Apple’s Swift playgrounds, wikipedia to https, exiting VIM, IBM Watson diagnosing cancer, Intel Core i9, parents and FB, and HDR from 80 years of TVs.

OneLogin: Breach Exposed Ability to Decrypt Data

OneLogin, an online service that lets users manage logins to sites and apps from a single platform, says it has suffered a security breach in which customer data was compromised, including the ability to decrypt encrypted data.

Why do so few people major in computer science?

This is a neat story, but still I have to confess some surprise. Should it take 15 years before the popping of the bubble before we see that college students are graduating with the same degrees again? I guess so, and I’m interested if other industries have experienced a similar lag. Were people entering school say in 2003 acutely aware of how badly fresh graduates were suffering? Were they very well aware of then market conditions, and decided that things were too risky?

Collapsing Star Gives Birth to a Black Hole

It took the combined power of the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), and NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes to go looking for remnants of the vanquished star, only to find that it disappeared out of sight.

Ripples in Space-Time! Gravitational-Wave Experiment Detects 3rd Black Hole Merger

It’s not a fluke: For the third time, scientists have detected ripples in space-time caused when two black holes circle each other at mind-bending speeds and collide.

Introducing Travel Mode: Protect your data when crossing borders

Your vaults aren’t just hidden; they’re completely removed from your devices as long as Travel Mode is on. That includes every item and all your encryption keys. There are no traces left for anyone to find. So even if you’re asked to unlock 1Password by someone at the border, there’s no way for them to tell that Travel Mode is even enabled.

Parker Solar Probe: NASA's journey to touch the Sun

We’ve been to the Moon, landed spacecraft on Mars and had close encounters with other planets — and Pluto. Next stop, the Sun.

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds coding app now supports robots, drones, and toys

Given the popularity of success of the Mindstorms robotics series, it’s a no-brainer that Apple got LEGO onboard for Playgrounds. In a demo at the iPhone maker’s Cupertino office, a LEGO representative broke down exactly how a Mindstorms EV3 kit can work with Playgrounds, connecting any number of robot-controlling modules to an iPad via Bluetooth.

Wikipedia’s Switch to HTTPS Has Successfully Fought Government Censorship

Determining how to prevent these acts of censorship has long been a priority for the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, and thanks to new research from the Harvard Center for Internet and Society, the foundation seems to have found a solution: encryption.

Stack Overflow: Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim

How do I exit the VIM text editor?

You’re not alone, jclancy. In the five years since this question was asked, there have been over a million other developers who got stuck in Vim and couldn’t escape without a bit of help. Indeed, the difficulty of quitting the Vim editor is a common joke among developers.

IBM says Watson Health’s AI is getting really good at diagnosing cancer

“It’s not making a diagnosis. That’s not what we set out to do,” says Andrew Norden of IBM’s Watson Health division. “They will run Watson Oncology in a tumor board and sort of get another external opinion.”

Intel’s Core i9 Extreme Edition CPU is an 18-core beast

Priced at $1,999, the 7980XE is clearly not a chip you’ll see in an average desktop. Instead, it’s more of a statement from Intel. It beats out AMD’s 16-core Threadripper CPU, which was slated to be that company’s most powerful consumer processor for 2017. And it gives Intel yet another way to satisfy the demands of power-hungry users who might want to do things like play games in 4K while broadcasting them in HD over Twitch.

Parents have no right to dead child's Facebook account, German court says

In the ruling, which overturned a lower court’s decision, the Berlin appeals court said the right to private telecommunications extended to electronic communication that was meant only for the eyes of certain people.

We can now convert every film and TV show from the last 80 years into HDR

SDR-to-HDR converter conjures up more color, contrast out of images.

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