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Electricity abounds without proportional CO2 output, where to draw the line with online comments, and code in uncomfortable places. All this and more with Lyle and Miles in this week in geek news.

Panic Blog » The Case of the Stolen Source Code

Last week, for about three days, the macOS video transcoding app HandBrake was compromised. One of the two download servers for HandBrake was serving up a special malware-infested version of the app, that, when launched, would essentially give hackers remote control of your computer.

California breaks energy record with 80% of state's power generated using renewable methods

The Golden State has soaked up enough rays to generate 67.2 per cent of its energy from renewable sources last month, smashing previous records.

France's EDF denies report of 'secret plan' to delay scaling back nuclear power | Reuters

French state-controlled utility EDF on Monday denied a media report that it had a secret plan to push back by 25 years a target to reduce the share of nuclear power generation within France’s overall electricity mix.

Facebook content moderation guidelines leaked

Misogyny, bullying are generally ok, threats against Trump are not.

Bad Day for Patron Chris

Devastated, look at my Bolt. Doubt they can fix it. Please remind people to stop texting and driving. Can’t get a new one either, the dealer that sold it to me got in trouble for shipping it out of California. 😞

Facebook’s Zuckerberg is working on a way to connect you to people you ‘should’ know

The actual crux of the post comes later when Zuckerberg writes why he’s taking on this new challenge. Basically: He’s not running for office, he wants to find ways to strengthen Facebook’s “community.”

Lyft and Waymo Will Collaborate on Self-Driving Car Technology

In the race to the self-driving future, Lyft has agreed to work with Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google’s parent company, to bring autonomous vehicles to the masses, both companies told NBC News on Sunday night.