Yahoo Shoots the Batteries in Uber's VW

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Yahoo is ending, bio-degradable bullets, Uber data, VW Electric Bus, Samsung new Battery research, clean energy by Obama, Google kills another service, all that by Miles and Lyle.


YAHOO! IS! DEAD! * CEO Marissa Mayer quits board * Biz to change name to Altaba * * More to follow"

US military seeks biodegradable bullets that sprout plants

The Department of Defense is now looking at ways to clean up after itself, putting out the call for the development of biodegradable ammunition loaded with seeds that sprout plants after being discharged.

Uber gives cities free travel-time data

Uber is going to make urban traffic and mobility data gleaned from its millions of drivers and riders using the Uber app freely available to all.

​FBI arrests Volkswagen exec on charges related to Dieselgate

The FBI arrested Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt over the weekend on charges of conspiracy to defraud the US relating to the ongoing Dieselgate emissions scandal.

Volkswagen debuts electric microbus concept with self-driving mode

Given the emissions scandal that rocked Volkswagen in 2015, we reckon Scooby Doo and the gang would opt for something a little more environmentally-sound were they to be reinvented for the 21st Century.

Next-gen Samsung EV battery gets 300+ miles of range from a 20-minute charge

Samsung’s SDI battery subsidiary announced a new battery cell designed for use in electric vehicles that offers improved density to manage a max range of up to 372 miles on a full charge, with a quick charge capacity that will help it regain 310 miles or so of charge on just 20 minutes of charging.

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The irreversible momentum of clean energy

This Policy Forum will focus on the four reasons I believe the trend toward clean energy is irreversible.

Google Hangouts API gets hung out to dry

Google today quietly revealed that it will shut down the Hangouts API, preventing new apps from being built and shutting off existing apps on April 25th.