Obama's Bot Fact Checks Cooled Diversity

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Banned cell phones, secure communication, and the dangers of a social monoculture on this week’s episode with Lyle and Miles.

It is now a federal crime to bring a Galaxy Note 7 onto an airplane - The Verge

The Federal Aviation Administration officially banned Galaxy Note 7s from being brought onto airplanes earlier this week, and under a new Emergency Restriction / Prohibition Order, it’s now a federal crime to fly with the device.

HTTPS now 50% of traffic with Firefox

.@Mozilla telemetry shows more than 50% of page loads were HTTPS yesterday. First time that has ever happened.

Twitter trolls caused Salesforce to walk away from deal

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff finally killed all rumors of a potential Twitter acquisition on Friday when he told the Financial Times that it’s “not the right fit” for his company.
Benioff said a lot of things, like that Twitter’s price, and work culture, contributed to his decision to walk away from a deal. Part of it also likely had to do with the pressure from investors, as Salesforce stock plummeted after it was reported to be interested in buying Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence Has a ‘Sea of Dudes’ Problem

AI software depends on data sets, and data sets have to be created by computer scientists. What happens when most of those researchers are men?

How Apple Scaled Back Its Titanic Plan to Take on Detroit - Bloomberg

Apple Inc. has drastically scaled back its automotive ambitions, leading to hundreds of job cuts and a new direction that, for now, no longer includes building its own car, according to people familiar with the project.
Hundreds of members of the car team, which comprises about 1,000 people, have been reassigned, let go, or have left of their own volition in recent months, the people said, asking not to be identified because the moves aren’t public. 

Clean Disruption - Why Energy & Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030 - Oslo, March 2016

Tony Seba’s Clean Disruption Keynote presentation at the Swedbank Nordic Energy Summit in Oslo, Norway, March 17th, 2016.

Nikon DSLR with sub-zero Peltier cooling: The astronomer’s camera of choice

Overclocking CPUs. Increasing image sensor sensitivity. Peltiers can do it all!

Google will now help you fact-check Trump (and other lies)

Google appears to be just as fed up with the constant lies during the presidential election as we are, so now it’s helping you set the facts straight.

Google adds fact-checking to news articles

Google is adding “fact check” tags to its news articles, introducing the feature amid a US presidential race roiled by heated disputes over the accuracy of information.

Diversity | Definition of Diversity by Merriam-Webster

the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization

Post Show Not in Podcast

In the post show we chatted about software projects we are working on. I decided not to put that into the normal podcast. But here is the audio of that conversation: Post Show GeekSpeak 2016-10-19

Lua: about

Lua is a powerful, efficient, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming, data-driven programming, and data description.
Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. Lua is dynamically typed, runs by interpreting bytecode with a register-based virtual machine, and has automatic memory management with incremental garbage collection, making it ideal for configuration, scripting, and rapid prototyping.

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