Machines Elect to Shut Down Dolly's Sisters

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The Security of Our Election Systems

The FBI is investigating. WikiLeaks promises there is more data to come. The political nature of this cyberattack means that Democrats and Republicans are trying to spin this as much as possible. Even so, we have to accept that someone is attacking our nation’s computer systems in an apparent attempt to influence a presidential election. This kind of cyberattack targets the very core of our democratic process. And it points to the possibility of an even worse problem in November ­ that our election systems and our voting machines could be vulnerable to a similar attack.

Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses

Elevated postprandial blood glucose levels constitute a global epidemic and a major risk factor for prediabetes and type II diabetes, but existing dietary methods for controlling them have limited efficacy. Here, we continuously monitored week-long glucose levels in an 800-person cohort, measured responses to 46,898 meals, and found high variability in the response to identical meals, suggesting that universal dietary recommendations may have limited utility.

Amazon patents intelligent noise-canceling headphones

Amazon has a pretty cool idea for solving that problem. Earlier this month, it was granted a patent for headphones that not only cancel out noise, but also listen for specific sounds or phrases (like ‘Hey Ben’) and respond by automatically turning off the feature so the user can hear sound from their surroundings.

'Sister Clones' Of Dolly The Sheep Are Alive And Kicking

The sheep are just four of 13 clones that Sinclair shepherds, but they’re the most famous because of their relation to Dolly, the sheep that made headlines two decades ago as the first successfully cloned mammal.

The Geeks and Dr. Dawn discuss radio and podicasts

After the close of KUSP, see “special coverage of KUSP closing down by Lyle Troxell” the Geeks all had a bit to say.

New cancer immunotherapy drugs linked to arthritis in some patients

Case reports on 13 cancer patients suggest that a small number of cancer patients taking the immunotherapy drugs ipilimumab and nivolumab may be at some higher-than-normal risk of developing autoimmune joint and tissue diseases, including inflammatory arthritis, according to a preliminary study by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers.

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