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Big Solar Sends Kids to the AI Mine - GeekSpeak for 2015-12-19

We covered a correction of our lead story from last week…

A town in North Carolina says no to solar power, There’s a new game in town when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, and the EFF brings light to the side effects of outsourcing public school IT services to companies like Google.

Using citizen science to find a new taste | Student Science

We humans love the taste of fat, whether it’s cheese or buttercream frosting or just one more doughnut. But is fat something that we can taste? We know that we can taste salty, bitter, sweet, sour and savory (or umami). But can we taste fat? A new study at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science aims to find out. And if you go to the museum, you might be able to help!

Museum Helps Prove that Fat is the 6th Taste : Denver Museum of Nature & Science

An article about the Denver Museum of
Nature & Science’s taste crowed sourced investigation into taste.

Oleogustus: The Unique Taste of Fat

More information on the taste of Fat.

Grindhouse Wetware

In her book, Kara talks about visiting Grindhouse Wetware and the amazing projects they are creating.