Mobile Ranging Computational Cinematographer

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A conversation with Arnav Jhala about computational cinematography and story comprehension, a chat about developing the MobileRanger App, and a quick review of the AppleTV.

Professor Arnav Jhala

Arnav is an Associate Professor Computational Media at UCSC. In this episode of GeekSpeak we chatted about his graduate work on discourse planning in cinematic camera control for narrative comprehension.

Arnav Jhala

Want to know more? You can read Arnav Jhala’s full dissertation ‘Cinematic Discourse Generation’ or read an abridged version of the project in his IEEE paper Cinematic Visual Discourse: Representation, Generation, and Evaluation (PDF).

The Mobile Ranger

Had a great conversation with Jim Whitehead and Julia Gaudinski about their Santa Cruz based startup that focuses on creating connections between places and people, their Mobile Ranger app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

I chatted with them at the Digital Arts Research Center at UCSC, much thanks to the DANM MFA Program.

Julia Gaudinski Jim Whitehead

Some thoughts on the AppleTV

I like the new things that Apple is trying in the new AppleTV.

The “Seri” remote has an interesting new touch surface that allows you to move through the D-Pad like flow of a TV (Up/Down/Left/Right) but allows you to move with momentum.

I share some of my thoughts on the AppleTV on this episode of GeekSpeak.

Devices like the AppleTV: