Refurbished Killer Robot Silences Waldo

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The robotic uprising has begun! Robot vacuums and car washes are attacking back. Other topics include Where’s Waldo search strategy, a personal robot and Star Trek on Kickstarter, and Sony’s aesthetically questionable smart glasses.

A robot vacuum tried to eat its sleeping owner's head

The woman’s Roomba-esque device was doing its thing, vacuuming the floor, when it happened upon her sleeping body.

Where's Waldo - Optimal Search Strategy

I was going to pull out every machine learning trick in my tool box to compute the optimal search strategy for finding Waldo. I was going to crush Slate’s supposed foolproof strategy and carve a trail of defeated Waldo-searchers in my wake.

How a Dog Actually “Sees” the World Through Smell

So magnificent is the dog’s olfactory brawn — including the ability to sniff out skin, breast, bladder, and lung cancers with an astounding degree of accuracy and to literally smell fear — that to our primitive human perception it appears like nothing short of magic.

Quietest Places in the US

Based on 1.5 million hours of acoustical monitoring from places as remote as Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and as urban as New York City, scientists have created a map of noise levels across the country on an average summer day.

Refurb Tracker

Refurb Tracker provides e-mail alerts and RSS feeds to help you track new refurbished products on the Apple Store Refurb websites.

Sony SmartEyeglass now available for pre-order

Sony is developing a pair of smartglasses to rival Google Glass product, and has produced a slimmed-down pair of glasses with an integrated screen in the lens.
The Sony Smart EyeGlass acts like a secondary screen for an Android smartphone, displaying information in the view of the wearer, overlaid on top of the real world.

There's a Trust Fund for Self-Aware, Art-Making Robots

The idea is that, sometime in the not-so-distant future, robots, computer programs, algorithms and other smart devices will inevitably be granted legal status in society—the sort of status that would allow a nonhuman to hold currency, say, or buy a house. Call it “algorithmic personhood.” And just as the nonhumans of tomorrow might drive our cars and make our meals, so too might they opt for creative pursuits.