Upgrade Your Jacket's Porn Filters With Pennies

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Energy Weapons are Real

Navy Laser Weapon goes live.

A penny costs 2.4 cents to make

And if you stop production of pennies, nickels waste even more money.

Windows XP users will be warned of support ending with a pop-up

“Windows XP machines that have automatic updates enabled will be sent a pop-up message on March 8 to tell them that Windows XP will lose support on April 8. From the message, XP users will be able to visit the end-of-support website. The message will pop up on the eighth of every month unless users elect to never see it again.”

Alternative to Windows XP - Linux!

Take the plunge and pick a Linux distribution to replace your Windows XP install.

Hackers hijack 300,000-plus wireless routers

“Researchers said they have uncovered yet another mass compromise of home and small-office wireless routers, this one being used to make malicious configuration changes to more than 300,000 devices made by D-Link, Micronet, Tenda, TP-Link, and others.”

Sprint Accused of Overcharging Feds Millions for Wiretapping

“The President Barack Obama administration accused Sprint [Monday] of overcharging the government more than $21 million in wiretapping expenses.”

Top UK official involved in national porn filter arrested for child porn

“A top British government aide who helped create 10 Downing Street’s controversial policy to censor online pornography for the majority of British Internet users has resigned from his post on Monday after being arrested last month on charges of possessing child pornography.”

Hand washing in hot water no benefit

If it’s hot enough to kill germs, it’s hot enough to scald your skin.

Mass. lawmakers pass bill outlawing 'upskirt' photos

“Massachusetts lawmakers have approved legislation to crack down on those who secretly take photographs of “the sexual or other intimate parts” of women or children in public.”