Jade Rabbit Horoscope: You will Learn to Program

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Unprofitable Music, China’s Lunar Rover, Should Bonnie learn to program, Americans do not believe in Astrology, Comcast buys Time Warner, and much more GeekNews.

China's Lunar Rover May Be Saveable

Jade Rabbit not Concrete Rabbit.

Music Industry Is Keeping Streaming Services Unprofitable

“Subscriptions to music services are expected to more than double by 2017, but because those services pay 60% to 70% of their revenue to record labels and artists, the entire sector is intrinsically unprofitable, according to a new report.”

Ben Plays Music

NSF Report Flawed; Americans Do Not Believe Astrology Is Scientific

“A report from the National Science Foundation recently stated that a majority of young people believe astrology to be scientific, as reported by Science News, Mother Jones, UPI, and Slashdot, among others. Troubling if true, but I believe this to be a faulty interpretation of the NSF report. And I have human subjects data to support this argument.”

Flappy Birds Goes Away... not

Even though the creator of Flappy Birds pulled it from the market new versions are being created.

Lyle Chalenges Bonnie to learn to Program

Bonnie, how about you try it once. – Lyle

I invite all to give us their learning programing stories. – Bonnie

Hey all, go to code.org and learn to program. – Lyle

Call: Melinda from Soquel

When back to school at age 46 studied chemistry and fell in love with math because of the beauty. (at about 44min in)

Giant Laser Produces Fusion Reactions

Unhappy pencil – Lyle
Briefly powerful pencil! – Bonnie