Privacy Concerns? The EFF Has Your Back!

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense when our digital freedoms come under attack. A non-profit detected to “Defending your rights in the digital world” – this episode of GeekSpeak Dan Auerbach, Staff Technologist at the EFF joins Lyle Troxell to cover GeekNews and talk about human rights in the digital age.

Bio: Dan Auerbach

Dan is a Staff Technologist who is passionate about defending civil liberties and encouraging government transparency. Coming to EFF with a background in mathematical logic and automated reasoning, as well as years of engineering experience at Google, Dan now works on EFF’s various technical projects and helps lawyers, activists, and the public understand important technologies that might threaten the privacy or security of users.

Who has your back?

The EFF’s project on weather a company is supporting your liberties.

Update on Do Not Track

A an article on the status of the W3C’s Do Not Track standard.

Turning Off Third Party Cookies with plugins

You can enhance your browser so that it does not use cookies for third party websites.

Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson

Science fiction has some things to say about future societies.

The Disconcerting Details: How Facebook Teams Up With Data Brokers to Show You Targeted Ads

An enlightening article on how data brokers and Facebook communicate.

Add Block Plus - for stopping adds (and tracking probably)

Dan suggests that the only way people can really be private (kinda) is to use an Advertising Blocking plugin.
But, he warns, that this is not a sustainable solution as it interferes with how companies make their money.

Lyle in Seattle

Hi, I’ll be in Seattle, WA on Monday and Tuesday May 20-21st. I’ll be speaking about my day-job at some open and free meetups. You are more then welcome to join me,

If you attend please do let me know that you listen to GeekSpeak.