Robot Drinks, Rails Problems, JS ASM

Miles is back for a Geeky episode with Bonnie and Lyle.

“il0vetheWhopper” doesn’t cut it!

Twitter says passwords should be better.


A 3-D printing pen (not an actual hot glue gun)

Tesla vs. NYTimes

NYTimes version of the story so far…

BarBot - SF

a gathering of cocktail robot technology in San Francisco at the beginning of March. “These robots don’t clean the carpets. What they will do is much, much better. They make you a drink! Let your roommate do the vacuuming.”

Bonnie knows a guy at Party Robotics (, who will be in attendance. So if you go there and you see Robert, say hi from Bonnie.


Miles and Lyle Geek Out about high performance JavaScript in browser… soon we hope.

Chrome Book

Google announces Chromebook Pixel: a premium Chrome OS laptop ships next week for $1,299

India to launch mission to Mars this year, says president

… but Miles says “I’ll believe it when I see it.”