Space, Time, Heat & the Kitchen Sync

Teaser medium

VERY long distance duets without the awkward delay; Jet lag; explaining burns to children; and storing your digital stuff for yourself and others.

Space Duet!

How did Astronaut Chris Hadfield sing along with the Bare Naked Ladies + choir here on Earth?? WITHOUT THE SPACE DELAY? Answer: astronaut listens to recording vs the earthbound players, and earthbound players play to the video of Chris singing live. Did I explain it right, Ben? Whatevs, the performance was moving.

Why So Many Dashboard Cams?!

Many impressive videos of the meteor falling in Russia have emerged oveWhy? It’s about protection: from cops on the shakedown, and, as listener Sharon points out, from insurance scammers

SSD Reliability and Multi-Level Cell NAND Flash Memory

Music server question…

Listener John asked about 32 vs 64 bit storage and the advantages of a Solid State Drive (SSD). Lyle says it’s about reliability vs fanciness — and what a company can market.

Bittorrent Sync Alpha

You can sign up for a new alpha release of Bittorent Sync – a distributed syncing system you can use for sharing and backup.

One Handed Computing

Listener Elizabeth asked about a functional computer situation for folks like herself with injuries that don’t allow for two hands on the keyboard. Lyle suggested anything after an iPad 2 could handle voice recognition software; and Greg of Victoria, BC offered this:

Here’s an idea for your last caller on today’s show. A chording keyboard. They allow single handed functionality, at decent typing speeds without requiring the user to assume the standard keyboarding position.
As an example: