Geeks Need a New Home

GeekSpeak needs a new server home – do you want to help? We are leaning towards [Linode|] as our new [VPS|] host. On this episode we cover a bunch of tech news, from Black Holes to Aids Vaccines. Ben Jaffe and Alex Sleeis join Lyle Troxell via Skype.

GoDaddy Faces boycott over SOPA support

Major Internet companies have formed a united front in their opposition to the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. Well, almost. One exception has been the domain registrar GoDaddy. In a op-ed published in Politico shortly after SOPA was introduced in the House, GoDaddy applauded the bill and called opponents “myopic.”

Now furious Internet users at reddit (owned by Advance Publications, which also owns Condé Nast) have organized a boycott of the registrar.

Chrome 15 overtakes IE 8 for top browser spot

If you’re reading this on Chrome, you’re part of a wave that has ditched Internet Explorer or Firefox and helped vault Google’s browser to the top Web browser spot worldwide.

Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

Have a website? Encourage Internet Explorer 6 users to upgrade by displaying the countdown banner to Internet Explorer 6 users only.

Record-Sized Black Holes

In a recent paper in Nature, astronomers have found two of the biggest – black holes that have the same mass as almost ten billion Suns. These black holes are so large that about five of our own solar systems could fit comfortably inside them.

NASA Satellite May Have Found The Smallest Known Black Hole

An international team of astronomers utilizing NASA’s Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE), believe that they’ve identified a candidate for the smallest known black hole.

AT&T cancels plans to acquire T-Mobile USA

AT&T on Monday announced that it has ended its bid to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom.

The Large Hadron Collider has been recreated in Lego

Mehlhase has decided to help promote the LHC to students by taking the time to recreate a 1:50 scale model of it using Lego bricks. In total he spent 81 hours creating it, which was split between 48 hours of designing the model on his laptop, and a further 33 hours putting it together.

GeekBit: Comet Lovejoy

This is an awesome photo!

GeekBit: Laser Beams on Observatories: An Explanation

Phil Plait, aka “The Bad Astronomer,” explains what the laser does (aside from making epic pictures like these).

Domain Registrars Aside from GoDaddy

This reddit thread discusses a few alternative registrars with better policy alignments.

Apple Files Patent for MacBooks Powered by Fuel Cells

If you’ve ever owned a laptop or a netbook, you know that their batteries come with a finite lifespan. But what about a longer lasting alternative to powering up your computer? Fuel cells, namely hydrogen fuel cells, not only boast a longer useful life, but they are also capable of running for weeks without requiring a recharge. Not surprisingly, it is reported that Apple is looking into using this technology, recently filing two patents incorporating the cells.

Canadian university's AIDS vaccine wins approval

Canadian researchers have been given a green light to test a vaccine for HIV/AIDS on humans.

2012 Will Be the Year of the Android Tablet

At the end of 2011 the tablet market is overwhelmingly an iPad market. There are some Android tablets, but they’re mostly either highly customized like the Amazon Fire or Barnes and Noble Nook Color, or cheap pieces of garbage without even a capacitive display. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one clear exception to the rule.

Domain Registrars Aside from GoDaddy

This reddit thread discusses a few alternative registrars with better policy alignments.

Norway's Fjord-Cooled Data Center

A small but growing number of data centers are slashing their cooling costs by using the environment as their chiller, tapping nearby rivers, underground lakes, wells and even the Baltic Sea. A new project in Norway plans to draw cold water from an adjacent fjord and use it to cool data halls.

How Facebook Is Affecting School Reunions

Who got fat, who got hot, and is that old crush of mine still single? Whatever happened to that weird kid with the hair? Wait, am I the one who got fat?

Self-healing electronics could work longer and reduce waste

When one tiny circuit within an integrated chip cracks or fails, the whole chip – or even the whole device – is a loss. But what if it could fix itself, and fix itself so fast that the user never knew there was a problem?

! Lyle Suggests Domain Name Registrars

Humm… it seems like we might have [listed our registrar usage before|] on GeekSpeak.