Messing up with Magnets, Copyright, and Siri

Lionel Peter Church joins Linsey Lonne, Miles Elam, and Lyle Troxell.

SiriProxy Adds Custom Commands to Siri

SiriProxy Adds Custom Commands to Siri to Control Anything on Your Home Network

Stop Online Piracy Act Vote Delayed

The House Judiciary Committee considering whether to send the Stop Online Piracy Act to the House floor abruptly adjourned Friday with no new vote date set — a surprise given that the bill looked certain to pass out of committee.

Toy Magnets Can be a Very Real Threat

“This is the story of a little boy who swallowed a magnet and wound up in the hospital.”

Life of Lionel: Life With iPhone Voice Recognition

iPhone 4S Voice Recognition is awesome! My phone turns my voice into words, and it’s changing my life.

Mobile Carriers Claim Consumer Consent to Carrier IQ Spying

Americans consented to secretly installed software on 150 million mobile phones that logs what apps they use and what websites they visit and who they communicate with, according to mobile-phone makers and carriers.

The Original "Analog Hole"

Back before “digital.”