Eye Strain for Search Transparency

Dr Dawn starts out this show to talk about DS3 Eye Strain. We also chat about Google Search and their secretive power, selling bogus terrorist data, and a bunch more GeekNews.

South Korea's Internet To Be 200 Times Faster Than In U.S.

“South Korea’s Internet connection speeds, already the fastest in the world, are about to get a whole lot faster, the New York Times reports.”

The Colour Clock

What time is it? Don’t you mean, “What color?”

Search Optimization-Dirty Little Secrets NYTimes

What he found suggests that the digital age’s most mundane act, the Google search, often represents layer upon layer of intrigue. And the intrigue starts in the sprawling, subterranean world of “black hat” optimization, the dark art of raising the profile of a Web site with methods that Google considers tantamount to cheating.

3DS Causes Mass Eye Pain - 15m Break Every 30m

This is rather at odds with Nintendo’s official health advisory though – Nintendo [urges a 10-15 minute break every hour for normal non-3D play, and an unheard of 10-15 minute break every 30 minutes for those using the 3D mode|http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/download/3dsmanual.pdf] .

Life Before Google

…actually, they were called “Encyclopedias.”

Government Tries to Keep Secret What Many Consider a Fraud

“For eight years, government officials turned to Dennis Montgomery, a California computer programmer, for eye-popping technology that he said could catch terrorists. Now, federal officials want nothing to do with him and are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his dealings with Washington stay secret.”

My Message To Google: Stop Cheating

“Transparency in search is critical to maintain both innovation and fairness in the digital economy.” -Andrew Keen