What's Your Sign? (Mine is USB)

iPad Guitar, Astrology put straight, movies made entirely on the iPhone, 2010 by the numbers, everything you wanted to know about video codecs, but never cared to ask.

Astrological Sign of the Times

“OK. So this afternoon I see on Twitter that the word ‘zodiac’ is trending, meaning lots of people are talking about it (as I write this it still is). Right, that happens sometimes, and sometimes I’ll post a snarky response. But I also see the word ‘Ophiuchus’ trending, and I think, what?”

The Known Universe by AMNH

From Tibet to the edge of the known universe!

More about the Chrome HTML Video Codec Change

“As it stands, the organizations involved in defining the HTML video standard are at an impasse. There is no agreement on which video codec should be the baseline standard. Firefox and Opera support the open WebM and Ogg Theora codecs and will not support H.264 due to its licensing requirements; Safari and IE9 support H.264.”

Royal Pingdom

What happened with the Internet in 2010?

How many websites were added? How many emails were sent? How many Internet users were there? This post will answer all of those questions and many, many more. If it’s stats you want, you’ve come to the right place.

We used a wide variety of sources from around the Web to put this post together. You can find the full list of source references at the bottom of the post if you’re interested. We here at Pingdom also did some additional calculations to get you even more numbers to chew on.

Prepare for a good kind of information overload. ;)

iHealth Lab iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor for iOS

Though the pricing and features could use a little extra polish, iHealth Lab’s new iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor for iOS ($100) represents a new and potentially exciting way to combine Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with home health monitoring devices. iHealth Labs sells you a glossy white plastic dock and a blood pressure arm cuff that interface with your iOS device using a Dock Connector, relying upon a free iHealth application to start pumping up the cuff and then to display realtime results of your blood pressure measurements. What’s neat in the application: iHealth tracks your blood pressure history, instantly categorizing the results as normal, high-normal, or in varying degrees of unhealthy hypertension, providing both explanations of the results and graphs to chart them over time. Less ideal: the application doesn’t have support for separating results into different users, and lets you share results only through simple text e-mails. The dock also has a couple of notable limitations: though it has a rechargeable battery inside, it depends upon a USB cable — and something with USB power — rather than including a wall adapter for charging, and the Dock Connector accommodates only bare or lightly encased devices. iHealth has one major advantage over hundreds of similar products already in the marketplace, however: if it continues to develop its application, it may well come up with some useful additional features that enable the Blood Pressure Monitor to stand apart from non-iOS devices that sell for less.

Digital Multimeter Voltmeter iPhoneApp

The new iDVM digital multimeter makes measuring and utilizing voltage, current, and resistance data much, much easier than any product on the market. With its unique, advanced features, the iDVM will facilitate your work, save you time, and increase your productivity.

DVM Digital Multimeter Wirelessly Links to Apple Devices: While it looks like the voltmeters you are familiar with, our digital multimeter represents a major technological breakthrough. The iDMV wireless links to Apple devices – giving you the advantage of Apple’s powerful and user-friendly interface to access the electrical measurements made by our voltmeters.

Girl With iPad Plays Acoustic Guitar Using An App | Cult of Mac

The iPad app being demonstrated in this video is called OMGuitar Advanced, and it looks pretty cool. It’s pretty hard to get through the video itself to appreciate the app in motion, though, between the infinite douchiness of the “American Idol” style judges dancing in their seats to the limpest acoustic rendition of Garbage’s I’m Only Happy When It Rains this side of the 2am dorm room of Evergreen State College’s sole emo student. Still, it’s really nice to see people really playing music on the iPad. And OMGuitar certainly looks like an impressive app indeed, for when you’ve just got to travel without your guitar.

Crazy USB: Humping Dog

In a truly terrifying setback for all that technology and even evolution have been working towards, the very latest in computing is designed for people who think humping dogs are funny. And with this piece of plastic, such subnormals aren’t even giving a real dog encouragement. This U-S-Bomination plugs into an empty socket and immediately starts grinding its hips against the computer. That’s it. That’s all. It’s not even a flash drive, but that’s understandable, as anyone entertained by this couldn’t possibly have any information of any kind.

iPone Movie: Movie Filmed, Edited, & Produced

Check this out – a movie that was filmed, edited, and uploaded all using the iPhone 4.

With all the negative publicity that the iPhone 4 is getting right now because of the Consumer Reports review, it’s nice to see something good coming out about the iPhone 4.

This movie was completely done using the iPhone 4, so keep that in mind as you watch.

Check it out…

2010 Online, by the Numbers - NYTimes.com

In an effort to figure out how many e-mails, videos, photos and other digital stuff we collectively uploaded and passed around the Web in 2010, Pingdom, an Internet monitoring service, corralled a number of research reports and company statistics to create a picture of the year in online stuff.

Robocall Victim Takes Robo-Revenge

Aaron Titus, a father of five in suburban Maryland, is the newest folk hero for our modern age of mild technological annoyances! Earlier this week, the school district awoke him with a 4:30 a.m. robocall. Two can play that game.

iPhone Movie: Ducati motorcycle commercial

The HD video featuring the Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycle was shot solely with a iPhone 4. The only trick that was used in post production was stabilization to give the appearance of using a professional camera. All of the very impressive footage was captured this past Sunday in the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. If you are not familiar with any Pike’s Peak events, they are simply races to the top of the mountain via some treacherous dirt road terrain.

Iphone Movie: Edited in iMovie

This is one of the canned templates Apple gives you. But it works pretty well, its fast, and it looks better than just straight video.