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GeekNews: NASA science website, 99$ Computer, College Board drops CS AP test, commercial free YouTube for politics, instant backup band, speed of hurricanes by sound, and even more news. Plus, the Geeks take calls with questions and comments about technology.

NASA Launches a New Science Site

[NASA|National Aeronautic and Space Administration] is hosting a science education site covering planetary science and astronomy.

Shuttles new $99 KPC low cost computer

Shuttle’s [Korporate Perfect Cube (KPC)|] is new sleek low power, low cost, low profile computer that comes with Foresight Linux and works great with Windows XP. Its integrated graphics chipset will even run Vista’s new Aero interface.

College Board cancels AP Computer Science AB Test

The College Board is cancelling the AP Computer Science AB test after the 08/09 year. There are currently two types of AP CS test: The A test, and the AB. The AB test includes all of the material in the A test, as well as more abstract topics.

Free Campaign Access to Congress

YouTube is making a commercial-free zone on their popular video sharing site so that members of Congress can produce their messages cheaply while not breaking the prohibition against redirecting constituents to a commercial site.

MySong: Get Your Song Ideas Down Without a Band

Technology developed by Microsoft’s research lab in conjunction with University of Washington allows singers who do not play music to get their song ideas down quickly and easily.

MIT Develops Way To Measure Hurricanes By Sound

Using underwater microphones and a bit of MIT smarts, a new low cost method of determining the speed of determining the speed of hurricanes.

Network Solutions Now Parks on Subdomains

After the long-standing practice of placing ad pages up for domains without an active web site, Network Solutions has upped the ante by doing the same to subdomains. Luckily, they allow an [opt out|] for NS clients.

Cities Tampering with Traffic Lights for Revenue

One of the best ways to reduce accidents in intersections is to lengthen the duration of the yellow light. However, several cities have been caught illegally decreasing the duration of the yellow light instead, to increase traffic violations, thus increasing revenue.

Kraken botnet self modifies binary code to evade AV scanners

A new family of virus delivered trojan botnets called [Kraken|] is estimated to have infected 50 of the Fortune 500 companies and has a poor detection rate by conventional anti virus software.

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