Blu-Ray DVD Won!

Now that HD-DVD is dead, is it time to get a Blu-Ray player for you home, or for your computer? Find out with the Geeks during a detailed discussion with Robert DeMoulin from Sony Electronics.

The Cuban Memory Stick Underground

The New York Times covers how Cubans get their information in a mostly closed society.

AOL Opens Up the AIM Instant Messaging Network

Wired reports that AOL has opened up their instant messaging network to third-party, eliminating the need to reverse engineer the protocol.

Apple Releases SDK, Targets Enterprise

Apple looks to make the iPhone an indispensable [tool for business|] and more with their recently announced [[SDK|Software Development Kit]|] for third-party apps.

One Way Ticket to Mars?

Will the first human to go to Mars never come back home?

MPAA Fudging the Facts?

The [MPAA|Motion Picture Association of America] has been a vocal opponent of so-called “piracy” despite the fact that 2007 brought record profits for the movie industry.

Trent Reznor Sells Out

Trent Reznor has released four new Nine Inch Nails albums online, independent of a major record label. In [options ranging from free to $300|], Reznor has managed to [make $750,000 from the most expensive option alone|], selling out in just over a day.

! Robert DeMoulin

Our guest Robert is a Marketing Manager in Branded Storage Product Marketing at Sony Electronics. We will pick his brain on the now standard high definition on DVD, Blu-ray.