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DARPA robot cars, Blockbuster vs. Netflix, Apple’s Firewall not so wally, Wikipidia as homework, NAS vs SAN, and more stuff Drew knows about.

Wikipedia as Homework

A teacher is assigning [Updating a Wikipeida Page|http://www.physorg.com/news113071167.html] as a class assignment.

Picture Passwords

We didn’t cover this interesting article on [Picture Passwords|http://www.ncl.ac.uk/press.office/press.release/content.phtml?ref=1193215475]

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! Help from Brant
Brant wrote in with this:

Here’s a link to a pdf with the Comcast disclaimers about 911 service(watch the wrap:



“Calls, including calls to 911, may or may not be completed if there is a problem with network facilities, including network congestion, network/
equipment/power failure, or another technical problem.”

In other words, you are on your own. Too bad they don’t have to put this up front when you sign up.

The difference here is that the local Telco has a fixed, stable infrastructure including battery backups which is completely in their control.

VoIP depends on newer technologies and pieces of a network that by its nature isn’t completely in any one single companies control….

I wouldn’t bet my (or any body elses) life on it.