Sony Blu-ray Technology

The Geeks discuss [Blu-ray|] technology with Robert C. DeMoulin of Sony Electronics. Blu-ray is the next generation format for optical drives that uses blue laser instead of the red laser or infrared used by DVD and CD. Blu-ray provides storage capacity that surpasses DVD and CD, allowing for higher quality video and audio.

Internet Radio Goes Dark

Huge music royalties that could effectively kill the nascent Internet radio industry is set to take effect July 15, 2007 — in just over two weeks from today’s show. No more or if these changes go through.

Internet radio broadcasters — who already pay twice as much as satellite broadcasters, even before the new increases take effect — [stopped broadcasting for a day|] on June 26.

Learn more about The Radio Equality Act and issues surrounding Internet Radio at [KUSP’s homepage|] and Remember, this affects radio stations like KUSP too since they simulcast over the Internet in addition to their FM signal.

[robert_demoulin_sony.jpg|Robert C. DeMoulin joined Sony Electronics in 1997 and currently holds the position of marketing manager in Sony Electronics’ IT Products Division. Mr. DeMoulin brings to Sony over a decade of experience in the optical storage marketplace and an extensive background in support strategies, integration initiatives and product development, marketing and positioning.]

In his present role, Mr. DeMoulin spearheads beginning-to-end product launches and core marketing activities for Sony-branded optical storage products including CD/DVD burners, the popular DVDirect family of multi-function DVD recorders, and aftermarket Blu-ray Disc recorders for the PC. He also serves as a technology evangelist and industry visionary for the product families and has been featured on nationally recognized television and radio programs. For his exceptional contributions to Sony Electronics, Mr. DeMoulin has been recognized with three special achievement awards and the prestigious President’s award.

Prior to joining Sony, Mr. DeMoulin was product manager at Ricoh Corporation, during which time he drove the launch efforts to introduce the first Ricoh CD-R drive into the U.S. market. Mr. DeMoulin also served his country in the U.S. Navy for three years and graduated with honors from the Navy Operation Specialist School.