Bit Killing Cosmic Rays

Lots of product releases are hitting the wire right in time for [CES|Consumer Electronics Show] and Mac World shows. We will cover the interesting stuff and give you the meaning behind the buzz.

AACS not Cracked

The hardware ….. sean to complete

Mars Rovers Turn 3

Spirit and Opportunity turn three this month, twelve times longer than their original mission.

Details here: [Mars Rovers |]

Electronic Voting Machine vs Cosmic Ray

During an election in Brussels, one electronic voting machine returned an extra 4,096 entries. Up til recently, no one knew why. Thanks to a French-Italian chip manufacturer, they now know. More details can be found here:
[Cosmic rays put new generation microcircuits to the test|].

Ruby on Rails SC Meetup

The [Santa Cruz Ruby on Rails Meetup Group|] is having a meeting on January 10th on Pacific in SC. You can join the group if you want to participate.

Internet Explorer Security in 2006

According to Washington Post’s Brian Krebs in his [“Security Fix” column|], Microsoft’s web browser [Internet Explorer 6.0 was vulnerable 284 days out of 365|]. In this case, “vulnerable” means that you could visit the wrong page and get infected with a virus, worm, or rootkit even if you are regularly patching your system for security.

Other (better) web browser options? [Internet Explorer 7.0|], [Opera|], and the Geeks’ favorite [Mozilla Firefox|] will all do the job much, much better. Mac users don’t fret; Safari also qualifies as a “much, much better” browser.

Toyota Taking On Drunk Driving

Toyota is developing [technology to thwart drunk driving|]. Let’s hope it pans out for safe production use.

Top Ten Apple Rumors of All Time

Will there be an iPhone at MacWorld?
Will Apple join forces with Intel?
Will there be a video iPod?

Who cares?

[Oh, wait… We do.|]


!! Episode Dedication
[342759477_2d54cec765.jpg|This episode of GeekSpeak is dedicated to [Lodema “Dee” Stephens|], who passed away this week in her home in Southern California.]