Spam, Creationism, and 450GB Paper

Lyle, Sean, John, and Miles are back together to discuss the recent spam epidemics, Creationist museums under construction in Kentucky, and the renewed use of paper as a data backup medium. …and we take your calls too.

! Geek News

!! Copyrights and Wrongs

The US Copyright Office has issued new [rights|] — or rather exceptions — to the various copyright statutes currently on the books.

!! Paper for Digital Archival

A far cry from papyrus scrolls, an enterprising company has found a way to fit up to [450[GB|gigabytes] on to a piece of paper|].

!! Too. Much. Spam.

The amount is growing, and it’s growing fast. How fast? E-Week reports that 70,000 compromised PCs can send over a billion messages per day. And to make matters worse, the spam is getting harder to identify. A [picture is worth a thousand words|] to help describe the problem. We have seen the spam enemy, and the enemy is us.

!! Repairing Windows XP in Eight Commands

How do you fix a Windows XP install that has become corrupt? For some reason or another, it just won’t boot, and it worked fine last night. Thrax, the author behind this article, came upon this method after a ton of research. [Repairing Windows XP in Eight Commands|] is used for fixing the following issues:

If you’re Windows XP no longer boots, you may want to try this method.