Bright, Shiny, and New

Geeks Lyle Troxell, Miles Elam, and Sean Cleveland along with special guest geek Alex Sleeis take your calls and discuss various exciting new products released this week.

! Geek News

!! Firefox 2.0

The Geeks’ favorite browser, [Mozilla Firefox|], has reached version 2.0 and is available for download now. New features worth checking out are built-in spell check for all web forms, crash protection to save your session, and [phishing|] protection to defend against fraud.

!! Ubuntu 6.10

One of the most popular distributions of Linux, [Ubuntu|], has reached version 6.10 (released 2006, 10th month, therefore 6.10). Available in both an installable version as well as a live CD. A live CD allows you to try it out without affecting your existing files or Windows version.

Incidentally, a live CD can also be used for peace of mind when browsing the big, bad internet. By booting off of the live CD, you can go basically anywhere without fear of viruses and spyware because nothing is saved or changed to your computer. Once you shut down or reboot, you start again with a clean slate as though you had never run the live CD. All your files are safe and sound.

!! Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro

The top-end Mac laptops have received a significant, new performance boost in the form of Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor. Find out more on [Apple’s web site|].

! Geek Suggestions

!! Anti-virus

If you’re running Windows, you need anti-virus. No ands, ifs, or buts. It’s not an option. The only option available is which anti-virus software to choose from.

Those are some free options (so you have no more reasons to wait!), but [other free and commercial anti-virus|] offerings are out there as well.

!! Spyware

“But isn’t that the same as a virus?” No, [not exactly|]. Along with existing anti-spyware offerings such as [Spybot Search and Destroy|], Microsoft has recently released their own anti-spyware software, [Microsoft Defender|].