Spam, Solar, and Laptops for Kids

Geeks Lyle Troxell, Sean Cleveland, Drew Meyer, and Miles Elam take your calls and talk about the week’s geek news.

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Learn more about [the [OLPC|One Laptop Per Child] project|], [the hardware|], [the software|], and related [content for educators|] to learn more.

!! Spamhaus Under Fire

[Spamhaus|], the largest public [RBL|Real-time Blackhole List], has been [sued by an organization that Spamhaus has deemed to be a spammer|]. Due to jurisdiction questions and questionable legal strategy, Spamhaus is looking at a $11.7 million default judgment levied against them. Many experts worry the loss of Spamhaus will result in a massive increase in the amount of spam we all find in our inboxes. This will be a case to watch.

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!! How do I remove Firefox since the site I want requires Internet Explorer?

Woah! Slow down there! Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox can peacefully coexist as long as you set it up correctly. Using Firefox, go to the [IE Tab extension page|] and click install. From that moment on, you will see a small icon in bottom right corner of your browser. If you click on it, it will change from the Firefox logo to the Internet Explorer “blue E” icon, and you will be viewing the site as though you were in IE. Simple!