GeekNews and You

The Geeks cover some news (Tech Law, SketchUp free, Digital Festival, USB Drives, Wii, Seagate 750GB, Apple camera-display) and take calls with questions and comments about technology.

! Dedication

This show is dedicated to [Dale Scofield|] who passed away last week. Working for [Inovonics|] I cut my teeth on electronic production and testing and I also met Dale, who helped teach me to understand people better and to respect diverse opinions. I’ll miss you Dale. – Lyle

! Geek News

A lot of Geek News this show with a lot of great resources.

!! Tech Law

The following bills and/or proposals are making their way through Congress.

!!! ISP Auditing (Snooping)

[Some commentary by C-net|] with links to the actual bill.

!!! Banning MP3 streaming

Read about the [PERFORM Act|] from the [EFF|Electronic Freedom Foundation].

!!! Extensions to the DMCA

A possible successor to the [DMCA|Digital Millenium Copyright Act], read the [commentary by C-net|].

!! 3-D for Free

[SketchUp|], recently purchased by [Google|], just relased a free version of it’s yummy 3-D editing program: For Windows only at this point.

!! Digial Arts Festival

Lyle’s day job is with the MFA program [Digital Arts and New Media|] at [UCSC|]. Together with Porter Collage, [DANM|Ditial Arts and New Media] is hosting a [Digital Arts Festival|] at the Santa Cruz [MAH|Musium or Art and History] and on UCSC campus.

!! Hard Drives Through USB

Looking for external storage to connect to your system via USB 2.0? The [Addonics JBOD USB 2.0 adapter|] might work for you.

There are of course a [very, very wide variety of drive enclosures available|]. Don’t forget to read the customer commentaries to find the solution that works best for you.

!! New Name for Nintendo Revolution

The Revolution is now called [the Wii|].

!! Size Matters

Seagate has upped the storage ante with their new [750GB offering|].

!! What You See Can See You Too

Apple patents a new [camera in display technology|]