iD Tech Camps - Summer Camp for Junior Geeks

[iD Tech Camps|] offers a wide range of programs through its summer Computer Camp for kids ages 7-17. In their own words, “it is the mission of iD Tech Camps to deliver the finest technology instruction, delivered in a summer camp setting and held at prestigious universities, ultimately igniting the internalDrive in today’s young minds.” Karen Thurm Safran, Vice President of Marketing for iD Tech Camps, joins the geeks to discuss this year’s exciting summer extravaganza.

Karen Thurm Safran, Vice President of Marketing for [iD Tech Camps|] joins the Geeks to discuss their [summer courses|] for kids ages 7-17 located at universities throughout the U.S. including UC Santa Cruz, Stanford University, and Santa Clara University.

Corporate partnership allows id Tech Camps to ensure that kids are receiving instruction using the most up-to-date technology possible. The [Corporate Partners|] page lists the various types of courses offered, with links to the corporate partners involved in that area. Software and hardware are also available at special prices during camp season and through the remainder of the year.

The list of available courses includes, but is not limited to:

The courses page lists age requirements, as well as restrictions (such as courses only offered at certain campuses, certain age groups, and prerequisites). Check out [Program Details|] for quick links to course descriptions and frequently asked questions such as day vs. overnight camps, tuition and hours, and courses available by location.

iD Tech Camps started out [locally in 1999|], is family owned and operated, and has become one of the leading summer computer camps in the country. They offer [small classes|], and hire only [adult instructors|].

! Calls and Questions

!! Hal, Capitola
27min: “helping kids to get rich or to learn?” – Karen address this.

30min: “internal battle for a quite desktop pc”

!! Kate, Coraloitos
34min: “How can I find a Tax program for OS 9?”

!! Bruce, Santa Cruz
36min: Has a “slow boat” computer and needs an upgrade. He does photos and needs advice on what to get for an upgrade = Mac? Windows?

!! David, Carmel (lives in Menlo Park)
43min: How can save my (browser) Favorites. How to back them up.

44min: Internet Explorer vs [Firefox|] – security

!! Donna, Seaside
47min Just bought a G4 I book, (used) how to change “ownership”, or how about Re-install?

Finally found it. It’s by no means obvious.

  1. Click on the apple in the top left corner and choose System Preferences.
  2. Click on Sharing under Internet & Network
  3. Change the computer name

!!! John writes:
I think what Donna is asking for is how to change the name of the main account the PowerBook is set up with.

#!To do this:

  1. Go to the Apple Menu (upper Left, look for the Blue Apple), and choose System Preferences
  2. Click on the Accounts icon (lower Left under the System heading)
  3. You can type a new name there. You will have to authenticate with the administrative password.

!! Gordon, Corralitos (email)

49min my mac is usually in sleep mode, and it takes just tapping any key to wake it up. Is there a keyboard shortcut to make it go to sleep instead of using mouse in menu?

!!! John writes

Hi Gordon,

Yes, you can push Command + Power key, then s.

If you don’t have a power key on your keyboard, then you can press Control + Eject, then s.